Kitty's got a cold wet nose!!!

topic posted Thu, December 15, 2005 - 9:07 PM by  Sueness
Is this normal??? I think I would have noticed if it was. All of a sudden my baby boy Freak has got this cold little wet nose. He's had it for a few days now. Everytime he cuddles with me I feel it now. Someone told me this means cat's have a cold or that they are sick. What do you guys know about this? Is my boy okay or do I need to take him to a vet if it lasts????
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  • my cat's nose goes from warm to cold all the time. Right now, his allergies are acting up a bit so he drips on me occasionally. It's gross, but it goes away after a couple days. His nose is typically fairly warm on warm days when he's been napping with his pay over his face. I don't think you should worry unless he shows behavioral changes. Seriously, only you would be able to notice that s they can be subtle.
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    Cold and wet is normal. Both dogs and cats, when heathly, have moist noses. Dripping or running is not and may be a sign of illness. Also, an overly dry nose can sometimes be a sign of ill health, but not always.
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    I wouldn't worry about it unless he is acting sick, (lethargic , loss of appitite , more aloof , sneezing , coughing etc) just keep an eye on him .
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      I'd be more worried if the nose is too dry and hot, and the kitty is sleepy. (mind you, when cats are asleep, their noses get dry until thay wake up and lick them.)And if it has a cold, baby would probably sneeze it's nosey away, and might have more discharge from the eyes than usual.

      Another thing, if you're not sure if the nose is just wet or it's dripping (although I think you'll notice if it drips :)) look at its color. Just like us, the kitty nose might become redder if there is something soing on.

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