Help, cat lesion that won't heal

topic posted Sat, April 8, 2006 - 3:53 PM by  Zinga
Ok, I've been to TWO vets now, each one put my 18 y/o on antibiotics, put a cone on improvement. I'm hoping some here has some kind of suggestion. Basically, my kitty has a lesion on the side of her face that she can access with her tongue, so the cone doesn't work at all. It's irritated and she licks it constantly, which never gives it a chance to heal. The vets are cluesless as to what to do, my next step is to take her to yet another vet that specializes in kitties. The sore has not been getting worse, but not better either. She's just really uncomfortable, and it's been ongoing now for over a month. I'd really appreciate any information, thank you!
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    Re: Help, cat lesion that won't heal

    Sun, April 9, 2006 - 8:59 PM
    there was this stuff that i could put on the inside of my mouth when i had braces.

    the braces would cut up my mouth. so open sore with metal jamming it left it sore and took forever to heal. my otho gave me this liquid i i would just dab it on. bonus was that it killed pain and inflamation. and it was safe to use inside my mouth. you may want to ask the pharmacist about where it is in the braces stuff section. it should be by the braces wax and special brushes. take that to the vets and see if its ok to use on a cat. it seals the wound and tastes a little bitter so she will be less likely to lick at it.

    that stuff

    glyoxide was great for cleaning out the cuts first. i dont know if you can use that on a cat.

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