sneezy beast! cat colds, what to do?

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beastly has been sneezing quite a bit for the last few much that i had to notice...also humans do when they have a cold. his nose is wet tho, and he's in good spirits...

what to do for a cat cold? if anything...?
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  • lots of TLC works wonders for colds! also steam from a warm shower might make his breathing easier?
    If it persists then you should get him checked for any chance of respiratory illness. are his eyes runny?
    hope beast feels better soon :)
  • As long as his nose isn't drippy and his eyes remain clear I wouldn't worry about it. My cat has Feline Herpes which causes her to sneeze and cough. She'll be fine for a few months and then have a spell when she's stressed out or something for a couple weeks. The first time she had this I took her to the vet and they just said keep an eye on her and make sure her eyes stay clear, her breathing is ok, and her nose isn't dripping. Feline Herpes is very common so I wouldn't be surprised if your cat has it now. And don't worry, you can't get it. =) You can supplement her diet with some Lysine if you want. It's supposed to help the body fight viruses.
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      thnx ms.purity, luckily lysine is tasteless and odourless, so that would be a good idea.
      feline herpes..? never heard of it before and am sure glad it's not passed onto humans...altho i do believe we can share colds,yet no one here is sick or has been sick...
      but he was a shelter cat for a while and spend some time on the streets, and i wouldn't be surprised at what the poor guy has hiding in his system.
      his eyes are ok, his nose wet...but then goes dry, not drippy tho. he breathes ok, just is known for sighing very deeply.

      he's still sneezing and coughing ...a few more days of this and i'm gonna have to drag him to the vet howling and scratching - otherwise he's perfectly ok.

      do cats get allergies?
      • my guy's got the kitty herpes (no, it doesn't pass to humans, there's 100s of herpes viruses, this one is cat specific). and i got him from a shelter.

        it acts up whenever something has happened to upset him.

        what i do is put a 6C dose of homeopathic allium in his drinking water (1 pellet in a small bowl, about 3 pellets in the pond bowls outside in the garden, which he also drinks from). it works pretty well.
      • Cats do indeed get allergies. My Bob has suffered from asthma for years now; generally triggered by such things as mold and dust.
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          i wonder if it's due to my jasemine blooming.
          it's massive and stinks up the whole place.
          it's outta control this season.
          maybe, just is allergies.

          • My personal opinion of jasmine is that it's one of the most heavenly exquisite fragrances in the known universe, but if Kitty is allergic to it, that would definitely suck.
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              well, the sneezing is over...and so is the blooming of the jasemine...
              interesting, i didn't know cats can get allergies. apparently they do!
              • colloidal silver is invaluable for kitty problems...externally and internally...

                my guy had kitty herpes too when I got him as a wee one,he was on drugs for 4 months and the vet said if he didnt kick it he would have to consider putting him down...luckily he did..but his immune system is compromised...and often he would get abcess's easily...but with echinacea and thuja tincture in his milk that helped alot and the last abcess healed quicker than any with the colloidal silver...
                • Yes they can easily get allergies boy last summer and recently got scabs and itchiness and was pulling all his fur out..the vet said allergies most grass's pollens or fleas or food...he was on bloody anti inflammatories 3x last summer and this time I soo didnt want to go there,so he was on only real meats and colloidal silver and it has more lumps and his fur is growing back...hurray...
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                    yeay! the raw food really helped and healed has cleared up those beastly prevented beast from going on steroids or other anti-inflamatory meds.
                    it's so simple sometimes.

                    i do believe he's still healing tho...hence the allergies...and will be for a while. we've only had him since april and he's got years of bad diet behind him....
                    • out of curiosity, what raw foods did you give your guy? one of my ladies started sneezing a couple of days ago, and i'd like to do anything i can to boost her immune system.
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                        hi, i have beasty on pure canned pumpkin mixed with a couple patties of 'nature's variety chicken and veggies'.
                        one tbsp pumpkin per two patties per feeding for him. now of course you can do your own mix..or even leave the pumpkin out.
                        we have beastly on pumpkin since he has digestive problems and this is the only thing that solidifies his poop. i've heard in healthy cats it can have the opposite effect too.
                        what we love about this raw food brand is it comes in pre-frozen portions.
                        there is also another good raw food called 'amore'..but you have to divvy it up, or buy small packages for each meal, which in my opinion create a lot of plastic waste.

                        hope that helps!

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