My cat seems hungry all of the time

topic posted Tue, August 23, 2005 - 6:42 PM by  Shakti Jan
My cat seems hungry all of the time. I'm not sure what is going on.

I've been in the practice of feeding him half a cup of dry cat food and half a small can of 'fancy feast' once in the morning and once in the evening. In between times he often does his little 'I want food' meow. If he has left over dry food he won't eat it. He wants the canned stuff. His belly seems a little fat so I don't want to be overfeading him. He's not a real big cat - about 10 lbs.

Any ideas about what could be going on or suggestions? Who knows, maybe I just need to feed him more.
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Shakti Jan
SF Bay Area
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    worms or he just gets munchies like us.
    my cats do this whenever i give them canned food.
    and then they wont eat the dry food until they are actually hungry.
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      Mine whines all day long for food when I am home. She gets diet dry food -1/3 c in am and 1/3 c in evening. Plus, she knows I will feed her to keep her quiet if I have company over or trying to sleep. However, I have noticed if I leave in morning she might have 1-2 pieces of food she missed in her bowl. Well, it is still there in evening when I get home. So I think it is more of an attention thing than anything else (she will even lick her bowl when I am there.) Her vet says to feed her only the recommended amt to not gain any weight. It was worse when I took all her canned food away about 6 years ago. I think some cats just likes to eat (like me-lol.)
      • Our Blue Point Siamese/Burmese cross, Lacey, was badly abused early in her life (before she was rescued).

        To this day, she freaks if there's any "white" showing in the food dish. And she will come to us and complain loudly. If we fill it, she'll just sniff to check it out, and walk away.

        We can only figure that she wasn't fed a lot when she was very young, and as such, has this "food issue" where she wants to make sure there's enough food available if she wants some down the road.

        God help you if the bowl is completely empty.
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          Hey Warren, maybe that is my cat's hang up? She was a rescue I adopted at a year old. The first year I had her I left food out all the time and no problem, but she can't adjust to the "no food in the bowl" after the vet said to stop leaving food out cause she was getting too big. Go figure, maybe she needs therapy after all and is just not a pig? :)
          • It could be. I've had her for eight years now, and she still has yet to get beyond that habit. We've told her repeatedly that she doesn't have anything to worry about, we'll always make sure she gets fed, but the message just doesn't get through.

            If she's your only cat, you could try going to a lo cal cat food...or maybe a smaller dish?
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              She is the only "child" and is on low cal food. She BEGS all the time and when I have company over she is worse (I think she knows I will give in.) I have had 9 years so maybe she just has empty food bowl issues too, or just damn greedy :)
              • If your cat is 9 years old the hunger problem could be due to hyperactive thyroid. At her age you should have a geriatric lab panel done (blood & urine) to check organ function and for things like thyroid & diabetes. Is she drinking more water?
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                  Just a question -- do you all leave your cat's food dish out, even when it's empty? Or do you pick it up and put it away til the next meal time?

                  I'm just wondering if some of this "feed me" behavior comes from the empty dish being in their sight, maybe triggering a hunger pang or two.

                  I know if we forget and leave our dog's food dish out that he will check it now and then to see if something has miraculously arrived for him to eat. If I'm in the room, he'll look at me with that "is it time yet?" look in his eyes.

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